Cultural And Behaviour Change That Sticks.

“TRAIN – GAIN – SUSTAIN” is Centred Performance’s proven methodology to enable companies to achieve positive and sustainable culture and behaviour change.

Our exclusive approach focuses on providing customized training and coaching tools and skills that organizations, divisions, departments, front line staff, and leaders can immediately implement and replicate, so they can truly live their mission, vision and values.

Larry Graham, Founder & President


“Our organization not only talks about creating and sustaining culture and behaviour change, we expect it in order to achieve our objectives.”

Centred Performance created our exclusive and proven Train – Gain – Sustain approach – so organizations of all sizes can achieve sustainable culture and behaviour change, based on their goals and objectives.

“Our organization is different.  Training programs that don’t take in account our uniqueness and simply don’t produce the return on investment we need.”

Centred Performance’s “Train” is all about creating training programs (often involving Sales and/or Service Excellence and Leadership Coaching) that are customized to the unique needs of each organization, division and department.And Training modules are intricately linked to the Gain and Sustain components and desired outcomes.

“Dave and Jennifer were extremely high performing members of our team. We’re need them to be equally productive as leaders now that they’ve earned their higher positions.”

Gain” is about leadership skills development.We focus our attention exclusively on Supervisors, Managers, Directors, and Executives; providing these key stakeholders in culture change with the knowledge, confidence and competence to model the new behaviours they expect from their team members, and to be effective at coaching their team members when the need arises over time – which it inevitably will.

“We have invested a lot of money on sales and service excellence training but cannot seem to realize the positive cultural shifts we were expecting. The training just doesn’t seem to stick.”

Sustain” focuses on ensuring the newly learned skills and tools (from “Train”) and the new leadership skills (from “Gain”) actually “stick”. We accomplish this by leveraging feedback and ideas from staff and leaders to identify and then remove barriers (process and/or behaviour barriers).

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