Client Assessment

Every new client engagement begins with a client assessment. Guided by your firm’s strategic ambition, the client assessment is a business evaluation designed to provide background on the company, a review of core competencies, internal and external risks, and business opportunities. Based upon this process, we develop a plan to address immediate and long-term needs of the company and make recommendations for business performance improvements with a focus on research, strategy, business development, and implementation.


Shoot. Fire. Aim. More often than not, new business initiatives miss the mark. Every hard-earned investment you make toward the growth and financial performance of your firm must make a direct and positive impact. Clearly identified, research based solutions help ensure your new business development plans are accurately aimed and effectively implemented in order to maximize your return on investment. At Centred Performance, our proven Aim • Train • Gain • Sustain™ methodology draws heavily upon the results of bespoke research projects designed to support each client’s unique program.


Whether you lead, sit in awe, excitement, trepidation, or a combination of each, there is no denying the pace of change in today’s business environment is accelerating. How is your firm responding to rapidly evolving competitive and market changes? Strategy is the deliberate creation of a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities and advantages, in order to deliver a unique mix of value for your chosen customers. A strategic review conducted by Centred Performance can provide an opportunity to “stress test” your current strategic plans as well as be an effective catalyst for change.

Business Development

Whether you are focused on developing the performance of your employees, maximizing the customer lifetime value of your client base, searching for new growth opportunities, or seeking to establish strategic business relationships with companies both local and overseas, your firm’s business development initiatives are key to your firm’s overall growth and financial performance. A business development review conducted by Centred Performance can provide the insight required to determine the effectiveness of various programs and their ability to make substantial long-term contributions that benefit the organization as well as be an effective catalyst for change.



Whether your strategy calls for a new lead generation process or new market expansion, the transition from creating customer value to sustainable revenue growth is always challenging. Why? Because implementation is a people problem. The purpose of strategic planning is not to make plans, it is to change the way people think and act.  A poorly executed strategy, no matter how clever, is worthless.  Our exclusive Aim • Train • Gain • Sustain™ approach is a proven methodology that enables companies to achieve positive and sustainable strategic, cultural and behavioural change by aligning human behaviour with strategic ambition.  At Centred Performance we place your strategy and your people at the centre of our thinking.

Specialists in Aligning Human Behaviour with Strategic Ambition


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