Leadership Coaching 


Turning the skills and tools from the Workshop into habits modelled by leaders.

True “learning” and sustained behaviour change requires reinforcement through education, actions and attitudes. Spending one-to-one and/or team time with those who have the privilege of having others report to them is how to GAIN traction and sustainability.

“Gain” is all about ensuring leaders understand and model the learned behaviours so they can be effective coaches for their team members.


Here we provide Line Supervisors, Managers and Directors with individual and team coaching and mentoring to enable them to be confident and competent at two critical roles:

  • “Walking the Talk”: Being able to consistently model the same skills, tools and behaviours these leaders expect from their team members.
  • Being very effective coaches, so that when any of their team members require fine tuning of a skill or tool, or a complete refresher, they are able to deliver!
Gain Programs, Skills & Tool
  • From Sales Manager to Sales Leader
  • From Manager to Leader
  • Work/Implementation Team facilitation
  • “Best Fit” analysis and profile (individual level)
  • Turnaround Interview (correcting employees’ bad habits without discipline)
  • 1-to-1 Coaching and Practice
  • Team Coaching and Practice
  • In-field Coaching (for leaders and the front-line)
  • Strategic Account/Project Planning Skills
  • Practical Implementation Skills

Specialists in Aligning Human Behaviour with Strategic Ambition


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