Larry Graham

Larry is Founder and President of Centred Performance, a consultancy focused on working with clients that are equally obsessed with identifying the strategies and taking a proactive role in the successful implementation of tactics that enable organizations to create momentum and achieve sustainable long term growth by adopting a client-centric perspective.  Or what Larry likes to call it, the “WOW!” sales & service culture.  Larry collaborates with clients to develop, implement and sustain research-based solutions, tools and programs to produce positive impact and change in attitudes, behaviours and skills designed to improve business performance.  He loves tackling the “what”, “how” and especially the “why” questions.  Workshop learners frequently speak of Larry’s ability to “connect with them”, as well as his ability to deftly use a mix of candour, industry knowledge, humour, relevant program content, and real world examples (taken from their own unique world) – all of which blend together to maximize learner engagement and ensure the successful implementation and application of new skills, post-program.

Prior to starting Centred Performance, Larry began his professional career in Toronto working together with Glenn Asano as an associate business consultant and has 30 years of senior business experience in sales, marketing, and business development throughout North America. Today, Centred Performance’s clients span a broad spectrum of markets including: financial institutions, telecommunications operators, healthcare providers, manufacturers, retailers, construction companies, educational institutions, and municipal governments. There really should be no firm today that doesn’t acknowledge the need to put their customers at the centre of their organization’s goals and ambition.

In addition to his leadership responsibilities with Centred Performance that include direct client engagement, facilitation, and instruction, Larry co-developed and leads a new Healthcare Practice focused on Service Excellence – The WOW! Healthcare Experience which has been successfully implemented within numerous healthcare organizations and hospitals in Canada. He also serves as Vice President of business development and lead instructor with LePhair Associates (a People Performance consultancy) and has also been an Instructor of sales and marketing at George Brown College, as well as taught service excellence programs for the Executive Education program at the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University.

Larry holds an BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) from Ryerson University and is a 1st degree black belt in Karate, which he and his son Josh earned concurrently. In his personal time, he loves the privilege of being a junior and senior football coach at the High School level, and at the OVFL (Ontario Varsity Football League) level. Larry, his wife Deb and their English-style golden retriever Todd, enjoy the tranquility of lakeside living in Sydenham, a town just north of Kingston, Ontario. Their three children Josh, Shannon and Claire regularly come home to visit for some R&R, and to rate new concoctions being tested on the BBQ.

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