Our Approach To Service Excellence

Service Excellence is about sustained cultural change. Experience and best practice suggests that Service Excellence – The WOW! Healthcare Experience – is achieved only through a focus on three ‘reinforcement’ points based on our “Train – Gain – Sustain” model. They are:

  • Customized Education & Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring of Leaders
  • Experiential Learning through Work Teams

A Patient & Family Centred Care Model

During this phase, we work with the healthcare organization to define a customized curriculum for its staff based on a prioritization and application of key service behaviors and habits that are proven to make a dramatic difference in the way Patients, family of Patients, and Co-workers are treated. Customized course work is developed and delivered to staff and management utilizing a variety of learning methods (e.g. lecture, case study, group sharing and role play).

Participants leave our workshops with a full understanding of what it takes to deliver exceptional Customer Service (WOW! Experiences) to Patients, family of Patients and Co-workers, as well as the “How-To” tools and skills needed to transfer and translate these experiences in their roles.

In many cases, healthcare management and staff have not been exposed to our taught the leadership skills to effectively apply their learning in everyday situations. Leadership effectively modeling the skills and behaviours they expect from those that report to them is critical to achieving sustainable Service Excellence cultural change.

Working with our coaching team, healthcare staff and management learn leading practice approaches to effectively model and coach the Service Excellence behaviors and skills. Depending on needs, Coaching & Mentoring sessions are delivered at either the individual or team level, on an intermittent or ongoing basis.

Following the formal education and coaching, work teams are initiated to:

  • Use the workshop and coaching learning as soon as possible in order to reinforce the Service Excellence concepts, habits and skills.
  • Demonstrate the value of the learning by initiating priority demonstration projects via Work Teams and publicizing their success.
  • Work Teams are formed comprised of multidisciplinary staff. These teams are taught other essentials of process decomposition and system design so that they can identify departmental processes and/or behaviour barriers to Service Excellence, and then redesign and implement their changes.

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