Workshop Learning


Participants learn and then adopt new skills and tools to enable changed behaviour at the individual level.

All lessons (including delivery, and the specific skills, habits, pillars and tools introduced) are based on prioritization and application of key, desired behaviors – which are learned through our comprehensive discovery process.


Workshops are customized based on client needs as a result of a combination of interviews with internal stakeholders and front-line line staff, and where possible, interviewing your clients. Workshops are delivered utilizing a variety of methods to maximize learning, retention and post-workshop performance:

  • Teaching
  • Case studies
  • Practice clinics
  • Individual practice sessions with a certified Instructor
  • Group discussion, with idea capturing throughout
Specific Programs
  • From Sales Manager to Sales Leader
  • Consultative Selling Skills (Levels: White Belt / Purple Belt / Black Belt)
  • Service Excellence Skills for the Private sector and for Healthcare (Levels: White Belt / Purple Belt / Black Belt)
  • Culture/Brand change (at an organization, division or department level)
  • Turnaround Interview (correcting employees’ bad habits without discipline)
  • Dealing with “Crusty Larry” (a.k.a “Difficult People”)
  • (CRM) Sales training
  • WOW! Telephone Skills
  • Inbound Call Selling
  • Outbound Call Selling
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Coaching & Feedback Skills
  • Coach the Coach (In Coaching, Sales, Service, Leading)
  • Creating, Building and Maintaining Relationships
  • Leadership Coaching (Individual and Team levels)
  • Team Building & Coaching
  • Becoming and Remaining a Trusted Advisor
  • Excellence in Communication Skills
  • Opportunity Management Skills
  • Time Management
  • Social Styles (Understanding and adapting your own to that of others)


Specialists in Aligning Human Behaviour with Strategic Ambition


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