Why Centred Performance

Centred Performance was founded on the premise that our deliverables must be centred on providing our clients with meaningful, measurable and sustainable value (as defined by them). Our core competencies are in both Sales and Service Excellence programs for front line and leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Our clients report the following results and outcomes as a result of our training

  • Enhanced ability to deal with conflicts and problems – real-time 
  • Improved and sustained internal (employee) satisfaction scores 
  • Improved and sustained external customer satisfaction 
  • Increased revenue 
  • Improved sales results (both net new clients, and incremental revenue from existing clients) 
  • Improved customer retention 
  • Becoming and remaining Trusted (by staff and customers) 
  • Expert ability to “recover” service with angry customers, real-time 

Overview of Centred Performance

We define “success” based on our clients’ vision and expectations of success. Our training model is simple yet, most uncommon; sustainable behaviour and culture change in both the Sales and Service professions is achieved through a focus on the following three complementary and critical ‘reinforcement’ points:

  • Education & Training (“Train”) 
  • Coaching and Mentoring of leaders (“Gain”) 
  • Implementation of Work Teams (“Sustain”)

Specialists in Aligning Human Behaviour with Strategic Ambition


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