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The skills, motivation and knowledge of your employees are the keys to exceptional results. That’s why we help our clients put learning at the heart of business strategy. Our proven Aim • Train • Gain • Sustain methodology is a rigorously tested and successful set of focused and customized activities and programs designed to cause a desired and sustainable culture change within your leadership team and across your organization. We begin with a client assessment and an agreement of desired outcomes (including an “application and sustainability model”). Then, a tailored program of activities is developed that build a foundation of people and resources to that will enable your strategic ambitions and increase the probability of achieving sustainable, long-term, positive results from your investment in sales, service, and business development.

Aim • Train • Gain • Sustain™ is all about cultural transformation. Enabling people to proudly live their brand. When you align human behaviour with strategic ambition you maximize your company’s potential to achieve exceptional results.

Organizations that adopt the holistic and centred Aim • Train • Gain • Sustain™ approach to culture and behaviour change that “sticks”, have a laser focus as to they have made a conscious decision not to simply hire a training firm to deliver an off-the-shelf one, two, or three-day program to their employees, reps, or leaders with little foresight and no follow up. Instead, they have deliberately chosen the road less traveled – the road that includes pre-engagement comprehensive client assessment reviews (Aim), post-workshop coaching for leaders and staff (Gain), and that offers employees the post-engagement opportunity to have a meaningful voice in identifying and removing barriers to the very culture change the organization is trying to achieve, yet may be overlooked otherwise (Sustain).  Participants and organizations that adopt this internal and external client centred approach regularly comment that one of the greatest forms of satisfaction they derive is their ability to see culture change take root before their eyes – within the front-line, and within their leadership team(s).

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